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Sweater Weather (Acoustic) | The Neighbourhood

i like the acoustic better than the original. it was how i imagined how this song should’ve sounded the first time I heard it.

both are perfect

Sorry not sorry

I wish I had a big ‘ol booty and didn’t have to do squats….ever



this is hardcore should be an entire tour not just 3 days in one city that’s fucking far away

are you trying to kill us, or….

We work year round on one weekend. Trying to take this circus on the road would tear a hole in the fabric of time and space…


Sugared Cranberry Crepe Cake


A-Frame Residence, New York, USA by Bromley Caldari Architects | via

This striking looking A-Frame Residence is the result of an architecture conversion delivered by New York City-based studio Bromley Caldari Architects. The designers completely renovated the interiors of a 1960s beach home on Fire Island, turning it into a sleek hideout. With a spiral staircase splitting down the middle, four dark and cramped bedrooms, a leaky roof, and a cracked pile foundation, the original building required serious interventions.

By adding a new staircase, the layout was positively transformed and functionality took over he entire abode: “On the main level, a double-height living/dining room stretches the length of the window-clad north façade. The open kitchen and house utilities run along the south side. The master bedroom suite features full-height glass sliding doors that take advantage of the view. Although the doors stay mostly open, when guests are present and privacy is required, the sliding glass doors fog up at the flick of a switch.”

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Turning Point - Insecurity 

Everything I say is taken the wrong way 

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And how does it feel
To be
What you’ve become
What you said you would never be
'Cause I don't feel anything anymore


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was released ten years ago today

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At the Bottom [acoustic] - Brand New (Daisy Sessions)

some men die under the mountain just looking for gold
some die looking for a hand to hold

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Kelly Rowland - Motivation (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne

I find this song so damn sexy


Damn the truth

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